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Demi lovato simon cowell

Demi lovato simon cowell, While Demi Lovato manages to be WELL SASSY on her Cher Lloyd collab 'Really Don't Care', it seems she's struggling to bring the same attitude to her role as a judge on The X Factor USA. And after helping the Fifth Harmony girls into third place last year, Demi's now admitted she just can't be "mean" to the contestants in that way only big boss Simon Cowell can.

Yuhuh - Demi's revealed she kinda wishes she could take a more Si-Cow approach to the show...'cause apparently honesty's always the best policy.

Chatting to Heat magazine, Demi said: "Whatever he has to say, it's the honest truth. Sometimes I don't agree with him, but most of the time he says what I'm wanting to say but, like, I just physically can't because it's so mean. He knows what he's talking about, he knows that he's doing and he's gonna tell you straight up, whether you want to hear it or not."

But then a percentage of my mind is gonna be like, 'Well, he also said that this person was really talented', so it's the opinion of a guy who's very smart and who knows what he's going, but at the end of the day it's an opinion."

So basically she loves Big Si quite a lot, then?

What d'ya reckon? Expecting Demetria to get a dodgy haircut and start a rather extensive collection of plain grey t-shirts in the near future? Comments and stuff, please.
Title: Demi lovato simon cowell
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