Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gallup poll congress rating

Gallup poll congress rating, Americans are more dissatisfied than ever with Congress' performance, placing more confidence in television news and even their medical insurance companies than their elected representatives, a new Gallup poll shows.

Congress was ranked dead last among 16 institutions, with only 10% of respondents saying they have confidence in the legislative branch, according to the study.

The military (76%), police (57%) and organized religion (48%) were among the institutions that earn the most respect.The country is increasingly growing weary as Republicans and Democrats duke it out on Capitol Hill, with the results from the poll showing "Americans' frustrations with Congress' inability to get much done," the research group said.

Gallup has been tracking the nation's support of Congress since 1973, when legislators received an all-time high 42% confidence ranking. That began to steadily drop until a burst of respect in the mid-80s.

Since the nineties, records show the confidence ranking averaged around 20% until 2007 when the financial crisis prompted a significant dip.

Americans are fed up with Congress' inaction, with 78% saying they disapprove of the way elected officials are handling their jobs, according to a separate Gallup survey released this week.
"Americans may have had their fill of partisan rancor in Congress… many see Congress as simply ineffective," the researchers concluded.

Title: Gallup poll congress rating
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