Tuesday, June 18, 2013

George Wendt Is Jason Sudeikis’ Uncle

George Wendt Is Jason Sudeikis’ Uncle,  Did you know “Saturday Night Live” actor Jason Sudeikis’s maternal uncle is George Wendt, who played the world’s most beloved barfly, Norm Peterson, on “Cheers”? I didn’t until a few months ago. The bit of trivia, which has surely been available to all of us for quite some time, seems to have surfaced to a higher level when approximately one-third of the US population began watching marathons of “Cheers” on Netflix in mid-June of this year.

(This trivia is not quite as random as the fact that “Dateline” correspondent Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry’s stepdad, but I’ll take it!)

Sudeikis is the most recent guest on two programs of note this week: the shockingly good “7 Minutes in Heaven” “SNL”-related web series, and Marc Maron’s extremely popular podcast, “WTF With Marc Maron.” In the former, Sudeikis does a one second impression of his uncle, and in the latter he talks about visiting the set of “Cheers” as a child and being mistaken for Ed Helms all the time (now though, not as a child). Both of these things are full of R-rated language and situations, by the way.
Title: George Wendt Is Jason Sudeikis’ Uncle
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