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Grey's anatomy new actors

Grey's anatomy new actors, Grey’s Anatomy’s cast of series regulars will be swelling for the ABC drama’s 10th season. With the influx of doctor interns in the show’s ninth season, it’s not surprising one or two of them would get the big promotion to regular status since Grey’s has lost a couple of cast members.

But what was surprising was the decision to promote four formerly recurring cast members, making four out of the five interns now main characters. That’s a large number! And while this is good news for four of the actors, I can’t imagine this being good news for the one who was left out.

According to THR, Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer have all been promoted to series regulars for Season 10, leaving Tina Majorino the only intern he wasn’t given the bump in status. The reason behind this wasn’t readily apparent, but it could be due to her availability. She’s currently starring on TNT’s Legends and just recently signed up to reprise her role as Mac on the Veronica Mars movie. With all that work already on the go, it’s not hard to imagine she just couldn’t commit to being a regular. Hopefully her character, “most-likely-to-succeed” Heather, will still make the occasional appearance.

Luddington plays Jo, Alex’s new love interest. Charles plays Shane, the suck-up/wannabe Derek. Hinton plays Stephanie, the romantic foil for Jackson. And Ferrer plays Leah, who almost lost her job after an error on Bailey’s part. With their promotion comes more importance, so expect to see more storylines focusing on these four in the future. If you hold any dislike to any of these characters, I would try to get over it now that they’ve been given more prominence.

There’s still no word if Hilarie Burton will return as Lauren, a romantic foil for Arizona. I liked her, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her reappearance.
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